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For over 10 years in the continuous search of perfection in order to find the best solution for the customer by accepting new challenges with passion, in extremely competitive markets such as those of consulting IT and Software Development. Codefab is a source of inspiration for the client's ideas, using the best technologies available.

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We are an ICT development team with the aim of providing our Customers with skills of excellence, innovation and professionalism. We provide services throughout the country: customized web applications, cloud management, customized software for the computerization of business processes and ICT outsourcing.

IT consultancy

We can be your ideal business partner, with our extensive and consolidated set of skills combined with a passion for development in all its forms.

Software development

We don't just develop code, but real and effective solutions for your business. We create web applications, cloud management and customized software.

System Integration

We adopt the most effective IT solutions for your IT infrastructure and guarantee the maximum possible integration between the systems of your business.

We support the customer in every phase of the IT project

How we work

Thanks to a highly qualified staff, we offer cutting-edge services and IT solutions: from the analysis of processes and their computerization, to the choice of the most suitable technological solutions to implement them, up to the maintenance of the applications.

IT consultancy

Our great experience for our customers. We recommend the best solutions, together we develop the business of the future, using our strategy and your ideas.

Software design

Our core business is cloud-based technologies: the future of Industry 4.0, business intelligence and UX. This is why they choose us. We implement, we improve, we innovate.

Development and Testing

We develop our IT solutions with the best possible technologies. We submit our code to Code Review procedures to minimize the likelihood of bugs or issues in the release phase

Create a customized management system for your business

We develop custom software for your business

Why rely on our software house?

Our professionalism

The security of your data: our constant commitment

The security of our customers' data is of vital importance to us, as it represents a crucial element for the protection of privacy and the trust of our customers. Ensuring the protection of our customers' personal and sensitive data is our top priority. For these reasons, we have established strict security and data management protocols. We ensure that all of our customers' sensitive information is protected by strong encryption and that only authorized personnel have access to the data.

Personalization and flexibility: our added value

Our solutions are highly customizable and scalable to meet the different needs and needs of our customers. Thanks to our experience and cutting-edge technologies, we are able to provide customized and scalable solutions in multiple sectors, such as human resource management, accounting, logistics and many others. Our goal is to help companies increase productivity, reduce costs and improve efficiency through tailored and scalable solutions.

Saving time and costs: our main goal

Our services are designed to help companies save time and costs while offering a certain return on investment. Thanks to our experience and our advanced technologies, we are able to offer effective and cost-effective solutions that can help improve productivity and efficiency. We offer automated and customized solutions that can eliminate many of the repetitive and manual tasks that consume time and resources. In this way it is possible to reduce operating costs and increase productivity, concentrating resources on activities of greater value.

Why create a customized software

Custom software in the cloud

Custom software can be designed to exactly meet specific customer needs, thus ensuring a more efficient and satisfying user experience. In this way work processes can be simplified and automated, increasing productivity, reducing errors and above all quickly achieving a return on investment.

Fully tailored software can be adapted to changing business needs and can be easily updated to meet new needs in a timely and effective manner. This allows it to be integrated with other existing systems of the company, such as an ERP or CRM system.

Some features that we can achieve with our custom software

Custom features for your business

Real-time analysis

Custom software can be designed to track company-specific data, such as sales, costs, inventory, production, and more. In this way it is possible to obtain specific and detailed information on the financial health of the company in real time, allowing for better management and control of the business.

With a made-to-measure management system it is possible to implement or integrate tools, technologies and methodologies useful for analyzing and understanding company data and therefore making informed decisions. This allows you to obtain a complete and detailed overview of company activities, providing useful information for performance improvement and cost reduction.

Business Intelligence

Automatic alerts

By creating a customized software it is possible to integrate automatic alerts to monitor data in real time and receive immediate notifications in the event of critical events or anomalies, for example via email, SMS or push notifications, allowing managers to monitor business even when they are out of the office.

The sectors in which we can develop customized software

Our customized solutions

What our customers think about us

Our reviews
Alessandro Lorusso
Alessandro Lorusso
Grazie a Codefab per aver contribuito alla crescita della nostra azienda a livello nazionale, ma soprattutto un merito a tutta l'equipe per il supporto tecnico e all assistenza avuta nei momenti di difficoltà. Consigliatissimo
Marzia Marzia
Marzia Marzia
Consigliatissmo!! Professionali, preparatissimi, disponibili e cordiali.
Emanuele d'Avanzo
Emanuele d'Avanzo
Ho avuto la fortuna di essere assistito da una persona competente, pragmatica, disponibile, in grado di capire immediatamente le mie esigenze nonché di accompagnarmi in tutto il percorso, fino alla realizzazione di tutte le mie aspettative. Consigliato.
luca pastore
luca pastore
Veri professionisti, grande qualità e attenzione verso il cliente. Davvero soddisfatto!
angelo monopoli
angelo monopoli
competenza e serietà , disponibile e anche molto propositivo
Antonio Scarpa
Antonio Scarpa
Un professionista che lavora con determinazione e passione
Riccardo Magno
Riccardo Magno
Esperto e Professionale

Modern and reliable technologies

The state of the art of software development

Some questions about our software

Features of our custom software​

One of our professionals will analyze your needs and carry out a free feasibility study. That is, it will evaluate the technical, economic and commercial feasibility of the project, determining whether the development of the software is feasible and convenient for the company.

Codefab will provide you with a detailed and comprehensive estimate of project development costs, along with projected timescales for project completion.

Our company is committed to providing customers with high quality and durable products, with comprehensive guarantees that protect their interests.
Our product is guaranteed for a period appropriate to the type of service, during which we are committed to solving any bugs or problems present in the code.

We ensure that any information you provide to us is strictly confidential and we undertake not to disclose or use such information in any way outside the context of our contractual agreement and related business.

we undertake to protect your intellectual property and your commercial interests, guaranteeing the utmost confidentiality on the code developed especially for you and committing ourselves not to disclose, share or provide such code in any way to your competitors or to unauthorized third parties, in order to preserve your market position and your advantageous competitive position.